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a.Heightening of Minipe Anicut Including Water Control and Measurement Facilities.

Heightening of Minipe Anicut Including Water Control and Measurement Facilities for Left Bank and Right Bank Canals project is one of the major components of the Minipe Left Bank Canal Rehabilitation Project (MLBCRP), which is executed by the ADB-funded Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program. Accordingly, this project has awarded to China Gezhouba Group Company Ltd (CGGC) and commenced the works on 10th May 2018. The major works activities of the project are; Construction of the Temporary Bypass Canal and Temporary Head Regulator for uninterrupted water issues to LB Canal during the construction period, Construction of Cofferdam System and Internal Roads including Temporary Bridges for river flow management and providing accesses to project works, Heightening of the Existing Ogee Weir structure across the Mahaweli River from 114.0 masl to 117.5 masl, Demolishing a part of the Existing ogee weir and constructing a New Middle Silt Ejector, Demolition of existing LB structures (Head Regulator, Silt Ejector, etc.) and constructing new LB Structures, Automation of LB and RB gate operations, Demolition of existing Irrigation Field Office and constructing new Field Office Building and Visitor’s Center, Construction of RB Canal Spill Way, Rectification of downstream Causeway, Renovation works to Mahaweli and Irrigation existing buildings in Hasalaka and Rantambe, Reforestation work.

Accordingly, CGGC is executing the project works but the progress is currently undergoing considerably due to many reasons and therefore, it is really impossible to complete the project works within the expected time frame.

  • Original Contract Price  :  LKR 1,864,801,291.50 (Excluding VAT)
  • Employer                          : Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment (MMDE) (At present Ministry of Irrigation)
  • Engineer                           : Programmed Management, Design and Supervision Consultant (PMDSC)
  • Location                            : Kandy District
  • Construction Period       : 30 Months Construction