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Our Quality Policy

  • AMSK Construction (Pvt) Ltd., is committed to deliver products and services of consistent quality that conform fully to company, statutory and customers’ requirements in terms of technical, budget and time compliance.
  • We are dedicated to the continual review, development and proving of all aspects of its business, in particular.
  • The development and improvement of the Company’s products and services in line with customers’ needs and expectations.
  • The development of an efficient and effective Quality System built upon ISO 9001 and generally refused best practices in the management of technology and projects, a system which not only ensures that product and service quality is consistent, but also helps to ensure minimal wastage in all our processes.
  • The evaluation, training and development of its employees in order to meet the company’s objectives.

Our Culture


Employment opportunities aren’t just a paycheck and, given the amount of time spent working in a considerable time span, it’s important for both the employee and the employer to make sure there’s a good fit.

If an employee is not satisfied, it may be better to pass on the opportunity and move on. Before anyone refuses an employment opportunity, it is appropriate to take some time to ensure the company culture is a good fit for skill set, experience, personality, and career aspirations for the future.

So what is the company culture of AMSK Constructions (Pvt) Ltd. The company culture of AMSK Constructions (Pvt) Ltd. can be measured in the following key aspects.

  • The way AMSK conducts business endeavors, the way the company treats the employees, customers and wider community.
  • The extent to which freedom is allowed in decision making process, developing new ideas and personal expressions.
  • How authority, information and communication flow through the hierarchy
  • How AMSK employees work to achieve aims and objectives of the company


  • Teamwork is the soul of the working environment of AMSK and teamwork is promoted through high levels of motivation
  • Employees are empowered to take decisions within their line of authority
  • The company is goal oriented
  • Productivity and innovative methods are influenced through healthy employee competitions.
  • Company aims, objectives are clearly communicated to employees through monthly management review meetings
  • Mechanisms to learn from past mistakes for continual improvement
  • Occupational health and safety and well-being of employees is a key priority.

Our Culture For Human Resources

No Place for Discrimination:

Any sort of discrimination at work is a huge demotivating factor for the employees as in some circumstances, such could have the potential for deep scarring effect on some individuals.

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Ethnic Harmony:

‘Ethnic harmony’ is one of the strongest taglines of the current regime of Sri Lanka as such is much welcome especially after 03 decades of civil war that plagued the nation.

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Also a Place for Physically Challenged:

As an established organization, we operate under the fundamental principle that any individual deserves employment that reflects their skills, experience, and ambitions irrespective of any physical challenges that they may possess.

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Sustainable development is one of the main buzzwords in the contemporary global construction industry and construction organizations are adapting to the triple bottom line concept (environment, economy, and society) of doing corporate activities.
Following the footsteps of the pioneers of sustainability in the construction industry, AMSK has set following sustainable objectives and is dedicated to achieving these objectives.


  • To reduce the environmental footprint of our corporate activities through reduction of energy usage, implementation of alternative sources of renewable energy, reduction of dependence on diminishing fossil fuels, recycling of waste through innovative methods and through the planting of trees or shrubs along the road stretches and other infrastructures that we are constructing in the next 03 year period.


  • To contribute to the national economy through generation of more employment opportunities for professionals, clericals, technicians and workmen through acquiring unprecedented scale construction opportunities not only through traditional methods of procurement but also through the novel and sophisticated methods such as ‘design and build’, ‘turnkey’, ‘management contracting’, ‘public-private partnerships’, etc.


  • To contribute to the society in effective and productive ways such as providing a helping hand for the children, whose educational aspirations are limited by the financial restraints of their parents, contribution to community-developed projects, aiding the most poverty-stricken homeless citizens to build a shelter, etc.

Our Emphasis on Sound Construction Management

Being a dynamic construction establishment, we have been implementing and practicing good construction management practices for the last few years for a successful effect.

Partly due to our strong engineering team and partly due to the influence of the managing director, we are capable of implementing and executing sophisticated project management fundamentals such as Value engineering, total quality management, sustainable development, stakeholder management, sophisticated project planning, and control, etc. Moreover, our in-house engineering department is capable of producing state of the art construction designing and thus properly capable of undertaking construction endeavors in integrated procurement routes, such as design & build turnkey contracts.

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Our Emphasis on Health and Safety

Safety has always been a prominent concern in the global construction industry and despite the continuous implementation of various safety management practices, every year thousands of construction employees confront various consequences of occupational safety hazards, such as injuries and even fatalities.

Most often, it is the responsibility of the Contractor to implement a sound safety culture in site premises, where the construction supervisors and senior-level technical employees work as a role model to the subordinate workmen, who then follow their officer-level employees and thus securing a proper safety culture within the construction premises.

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As a construction firm that promotes sustainable development, contribution to society is an aspect where our company excels at and what follows is a brief rundown of areas where our contribution to an immediate neighborhood is clearly apparent.

Annual Distribution of Stationary

For almost a decade, it has become an annual tradition of the company to distribute stationaries to the school going children of all employees, most of whom live in the neighboring societies.

Financial and engineering knowledge contribution to regional developments

AMSK has never shied away from contributing to the regional developments and in fact, taken leadership in developing/constructing some of the most iconic developments in the region. Examples for a few are briefly mentioned below.

  • Construction of an iconic dagoba in Karaulla Temple of Udubaddawa

Karaulla temple is located in close proximity to the head office of AMSK and our Managing Director upon acknowledging a concept idea of the reverent monk of the temple, has contributed a substantial amount of finance and engineering expertise of the company’s best engineering minds to construct a one of a kind and quite magnificent to behold dagoba in the temple.

Neighboring Buddhists living in close proximity to Karaulla Temple has been in need of a dagoba for a quite long while and according to them our involvement and contribution has been a godsend for them as their requests were turned down by several firms prior to our involvement.

This dagoba is scheduled to be opened for all Buddhists in this coming November and once it is opened, we are certain that thousands of Buddhists will flock to observe it.

  • Organizing of blood donation programs

Annually it has become a tradition of AMSK to arrange blood donation programs participating in the neighboring communities and we are certain that hundreds of needful citizens benefitted from our endeavors.

Generation and provision of employment opportunities

AMSK has created an unprecedented quantum of employment opportunities for the neighborhood communities and we are certain that, there is no other firm in the Madampe region that has provided such a large number of employment opportunities to the neighboring society. Managing Director of AMSK has always preferred to provide employment to professionals, clerical staff, and workmen in the neighboring communities (if their qualifications and experiences meet the requirements of our competency requirements) not only when recruiting for the head office, but also when recruiting for projects across the nation.

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